With a passion for music from an early age I received classical piano training and also taught myself to play the Hammond organ and keyboard synthesizers.


I was playing in public in my early teens, backing cabaret artistes and playing in various local bands.


I turned Professional at the age of 21, extensively travelling at home & abroad both as a solo artiste and as a keyboard vocalist in various bands & groups within the UK.


During the mid 80's period I toured the UK and Europe with name 60's pop artist Brian Poole.  


I wrote my first original song, a disco track entitled "anyway you want" back in 1979 which we performed live at gigs with the band i was in at the time.Another song "Girl" ,which was a ballad I wrote back in 1983 was released as a 7" single and received radio airplay in the UK. The band was called "Split Level" .The "B" side,an electro-pop track entitled "In the future",was similar sounding to the 80's pop at the time, such as Talk Talk, Human League etc.


In the mid 80's i had completed an albums worth of dance type tracks on which Paulah Harriz,a very talented female singer performed all of the lead vocals.Shortly after,Paulah moved to the USA and got a recording contract with two of my songs,"Shout" & "Boy" which were released as a 12" single on Rooney records in Florida.


I have been actively gigging & songwriting to date and have built up a very extensive song portfolio of original material that i've written which are all in different musical genres. I use both computer based and hardware recorders in my studio and even did the video programming for the demo songs.


I have included links to some of these on the demo songs page of which you are very welcome to listen


Best wishes.








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